Planning, Development & Other User Fees

Where Do These User Fees Stem From?

Municipalities engage in various review and inspection activities that ensure that new developments and buildings meet with the development and building standards of the community. In addition, municipalities provides information and other sundry services that support developers and builders when they prepare development and building plans and designs.
The cost of providing these reviews, inspections, information and sundry services are passed on to developers and builders through the application of fees and charges on permit applications, approval certificates, and sale of pamphlets, maps and other sundry items.

The Challenge

Municipalities are mindful that taxpayers can be burdened with development and building service costs should the Master Fees Schedule not reflect the full cost of providing these services to developers and builders.

The Solution

CORVUS documents and assesses work processes that make up each item in the fee schedule being examined to understand precisely the true cost of service provision. CORVUS also examines the fees of neighbouring municipal to determine the level of competitiveness of each fee item. When complete, CORVUS recommends a 10 year transition schedule for fees that ensures they remain competitive and, wherever possible, that reflect the full cost of providing these services.
CORVUS has developer a proprietary User Fee Model to calculate and manage user fees on an ongoing basis. We provide this model to our clients for ongoing use without any licensing fees or maintenance obligations. The picture below provides a snapshot of the model’s control panel.
The model is grounded in an activity based costing methodology that uses a single one-way path to allocate (burden) the cost of indirect services to other indirect service areas, and ultimately on to direct service areas. The single one-way path allocates costs based upon “drivers” which relates the costs of the indirect service areas to the activities they perform or the service outcomes that they provide.

CORVUS User Fee Model Control Panel

CORVUS User Fee Model Control Panel (click to enlarge)