If your organization requires business advice or business support consider CORVUS Business Advisors. CORVUS offers value in three distinct areas, differentiating it from many competitors:

  • Quality (“who you see is who you get”): The senior professionals that develop business and help clients define the problem are the same ones that build the solutions. CORVUS does not substitute less experienced junior resources when it’s time to deliver.
  • Affordability (“lower overheads equal affordable rates”): CORVUS is a “boutique” firm. The savings generated from lower overheads allows CORUVS to deliver partner level consulting professionals at competitive rates.
  • Culture (“a roll up your sleeves approach”): CORVUS’ energetic, positive style often brings a much needed dose of cultural uplift to the client’s business environment, especially during times of extreme workload and pressure.

For organizations torn between undertaking an initiative internally vs. externally, CORVUS offers the following:

  • Subject Matter Expertise: CORVUS’ consultants bring years of industry and consulting experience to every engagement. This experience is used to achieve project goals and drive business outcomes.
  • Methodology: COVRUS’ methodologies contain built-in lessons learned and have been “proven” through many public and private sector initiatives, and methodologies are continually updated based on real project experiences, ensuring clients benefit from leading industry practices.
  • Change Management: CORVUS’ consultants are experts at building rapport with executives, managers, staff and stakeholders. In addition to their individual expertise, the CORVUS team possesses strong communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, allowing them to proactively manage the change process. Where others may have difficulty, the CORVUS team is able to ensure success and increased return on investment during implementation.
  • Incentive: Employee incentives are defined around “role” expectations. Consultant incentives are defined around specific “project” expectations.