About Us

The CORVUS team understands public and private sector business models and challenges, brings a wealth of proven methodologies and tools, and has a thorough understanding of leading practices and lessons learned from past projects. CORVUS never substitutes junior consultants when its time to start the project and do the work. On the contrary, the strong experience of CORVUS team members enables us to “hit the ground running”, avoiding slow and costly climbs up learning curves.


The Story Behind the name ‘CORVUS’

The name comes from the Roman naval bridge—the corvus. This ingenious invention was born out of Rome’s war with Carthage. Carthage was a sea faring nation with superior naval skills to Rome. Rome needed something that would allow them to bring their strength, the Roman Legion, to bear on the Carthaginian fleet. And so in true Roman fashion, they invented a ship-to-ship bridge—the corvus. The corvus symbolizes: (1) our never ending desire to think differently about our clients issues, thereby bringing value-added ideas to the table, and (2) our firm’s roll up your sleeves approach to building “bridges” for our clients so they can overcome any business challenge.